Who likes change?  Not me.  At least not to my computer/phone/fax/twisty-turny-button filled things that are supposed to work better and quicker and smarter (and do, but only after you have spent 26 hours re-learning how to make them work!!!).

I just got a new device.  A new work computer.  It has taken me an obscenely long time to figure out how to print a Word doc on this new, very quick and stealthy PC.  Even longer to find where the fonts are hidden.   I don’t like the changes to my Word.  I am a #7 newbie and I’m not super fond of Window’s changing my little clicky thingies up top.   I’m not even sure I like this big, bright, white screen.  I may be a Luddite in FaceBook disguise.  In another life, I was probably one of those pain in the butt people that wanted to keep Mass in Latin.

But, in the whole of life, I don’t mind change.   It just takes me a little bit of crankiness to get used to it.  In fact, I’m a HUGE change/ paradigm shift/ new pair of goggles type of gal when all is said and done.  Here are my top 5 favorite types of change:


1)       Trees –  I like when the trees change from empty ~ Tim Burton-esque – to little globs of buds aching to get out – then rustling, shady, even flowering, bursts of jubilant green – to yellow and orange and purple and golds and then back to empty.  It feels honest and real.  And, every year, the tree grows taller.  It’s constant and consistent, reminding us that even when everything seems dead, there is the possibility of a change coming.

2)      Sheets – I absolutely love to climb into fresh new sheets just out of the dryer, with a fresh new pair of jammies.  Delight!  Even better when I’ve just had my toes done and my legs are shaved.  That is a good way to go to sleep.  All clean and buffed on sweet 600 thread count cotton!!!  It is one of the simplest kinds of change and I swear, changing sheets changes dreams and then personal commitments and then lives.  A sales clerk at Dillard’s just told me that the amount of money that you spend to make your bed/bedroom comfortable, it exactly how much you care for yourself.  He’s a sage.  I bought 8 new pillows.  I convinced myself that I am caring for myself even though they were all on sale.

3)      Guitar Strings – I find it kind of hard to change guitar strings.  It’s not quick and I usually end up poking myself with one of the super sharp clipped ends.  PLUS, I’m never certain that I’m doing it right although I’ve done it 50 x’s or more (the same goes for jumping a car – I just do not feel like I know what I’m doing!).  But, no matter how uncomfortable it is to do, my guitar just simply sounds better.  And when my guitar sounds great, I’m more inspired to be creative.

4)      Hair Color – I’m not even sure I need to explain this one.  It is magical.  Even my wrinkles seem less visible.  Anyone that can make a person feel more beautiful whether it’s by doing hair, or just giving a kind complement is straight from heaven.  People that make you feel beautiful are angels in skin suits.

5)      Re-potting Plants – Every time I re-pot a plant it reminds me that every single one of us gets root bound.  It’s hard not to stay stagnant in circumstances that are too tight.  You stop growing  … lose some of your luster … maybe even die back.  Sometimes I feel like I’m going to have to fling myself over and crack my pot out from under myself (messy, sharp, dirty and potentially dangerous to me – the plant) just so that I can keep expanding to my full growth capability.  And, sometimes I just need someone to notice that I’m looking peaked and might need a little help getting out of my old pot and into better soil.  I would like to thank the last 6 people that have helped me into better soil – who have noticed that I need a change and helped remind me that change is possible :  Laurie Lambert, Patty Sughrue, Jes Fyall, Christina Winch, Sam Winch, Laura Mancini and Suzie Pollard.


All I really needed was someone to remind me.   Who has reminded you?

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