What does Tanya teach?

Vocal coaching ~ Harmony ~ Performance ~ Beginner to Intermediate guitar & theory

Select songwriting coaching

For children only:  beginner piano, command performance

Pricing:  $35 – 30 mins / $60 – 60 mins 

Vocal Coach:

Tanya can help you improve your stamina and confidence.  You will work with vocal exercises to improve and increase pitch, flexibility, tone and breath control. This lesson is one big fun fest that is designed to encourage each student in the discovery and development of her/his own unique voice.  It’s all about finding your vocal confidence and loving the experience of singing loud and proud (or not so loud if you prefer).   Best thing about singing is that it simply makes you feel good and, because we are all works in progress, there’s no judgment or expectation other than to have a blast letting it all out!  No need to bring a guitar, but you’ve got to bring your sassafrass.


We can get down and tear apart intervals and what makes a chord … how to put together a vocal triad and, once you’ve got that down, we’ll learn how to find beautiful harmonies up, down and around a melody.


Tanya will work you out with a great exercise in “getting to know the land” of songwriting and helping you constantly create new ways of gathering song topics and finding new grooves.  You will be inspired, awakened and astounded by what you can and will write!

Student Testimonials

“Tanya has empowered me in a way I can hardly explain.  She is the perfect balance of technical knowledge and heart.  She is an extraordinary teacher, full of love and encouragement.  Tanya has a way about her that is absolutely infectious; she’s always happy!  No matter how hard of a day I’ve had, I always leave her class with a smile on my face and inspiration to spare.” ~ R.M.

“Tanya has a special ability to build your confidence and make you feel like you can tackle any song and make it your own.  She provides constructive criticism and shows you ways to practice outside of the lesson so that you will continue to improve.  I leave every lesson feeling like a better singer and performer.” ~ A.L.

“I felt so empowered, validated, challenged, loved on, and inspired.  What more could you want in a Songwriting class.  I accomplished so much.  Tanya is the best!” ~ M.F.

“Our family has been taking lessons from Tanya for over 2 years and our daughters, ages 8 and 10, adore her.  Tanya has taught them voice, including harmonizing, guitar and piano.  Her kind and encouraging manner has given them the skills and confidence to perform at open mics acrossTexas.  Her enthusiasm for teaching and love of music are evident in her endless patience and the joy and excitement that exudes from her during their lessons.” ~ S.K.

“After taking a lesson with Tanya Winch, I feel competent, confident and connected to other people.  She inspires her students to reach their potential through her high energy sessions, thoughtful exercises, and clear, specific, constructive suggestions.  Tanya listens carefully to the goals of her students and coaches them to be agents in their own music learning.  Tanya’s success with students stems from her years of experience as a singer, songwriter and performer along with her technical and theoretical knowledge of piano, guitar and voice.  I have been so pleased with my progress in both private and group lessons with Tanya and I highly recommend her as a teacher for students of all ages and levels of experience.  WARNING:  Her laughter is contagious…and she’s a hugger!” ~ E.F.

“Tanya is a fantastic guitar and vocal teacher. 1st and formost she always greets you with a sincere, big, beautiful smile, and a warm hug! She puts you at ease the moment you meet her! She is an insightful, encouraging, smart, caring, and enthusiastic teacher. I’m excited every Tuesday to see her. She brightens my day, and I always leave our sessions feeling more confident with my guitar playing then when I arrived. I’ve learned so much from her in the last few months. She creates such a warm, safe environment to learn in. I always feel safe to make a mistake or run a song idea by her. She has a deep appreciation for music, and only wants her students to be the best they can be, no matter where they are skill wise. She motivates me to get better by affirming me when I do well and assisting me when I need to fix something. If you are just starting to play the guitar, or looking to work on your guitar skills, Tanya is the teacher for you! You will leave her lesson, inspired, encouraged, and feeling accomplished from her class.” ~ C.B.

 “Tanya is, simply put, amazing. As a teacher she is nurturing, knowledgeable, caring and truly listens to what your goals are and gives you the tools and guidance to reach those goals. Her ear for and knowledge of music and music theory makes her very qualified to teach, and her style of teaching makes it easy to learn. As a person she is a joy to know. Her lessons have always been a bright spot in my week.” ~ C.C.

“Tanya is a dedicated teacher that works with you at your level, whether you are a new born or a senior citizen in music.   She begins with the basics to see what you know and then moves you through the stages of voice as she sees you understanding and improving.” ~ L.R.

““As you warm your voice, she sings along with you … so that you don’t feel goofy as you stretch bending to the ground…singing in your head…(you will have to experience this!)”  ~ J.P.

“She allows you to question instructions until they are clear to you. She gives positive feedback to make you feel comfortable even at your worse moments. “ ~ P.G.

“I recommend Tanya highly! Her down to earth personality makes you feel welcome and her warmth encourages you to open your mouth, regardless how scary!” ~ S.R.





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