Dirty Mercy might be magic. It’s been hinted at. Most people won’t say it out loud.

Some people think they’re not real because of all the abracadabra. Voila! Their healing powers are legendary! There are some that feel that a Dirty Mercy fix will improve their entire day ~ their whole way of thinking ~ especially when they get to hug it out.  Tanya is a remarkably good hugger.  Doug, Matt & Susie are quite impressive as well ~ in fact, leaders in the hug arena.

They are also twinkly and sparkly. Someone once suggested that they must be putting something in their eye make-up to make their eyes look “like that”.  Nasty rumor.   Truth is, you can’t see Tanya’s eyes when she smiles. They are too hidden by cheek. Can she see? Who knows? Some other guy once said her eyes look like “two pee holes in the snow”. He said it was a compliment but .. it’s not so magical.

Doug has blue eyes that can “see” even when his eyes are closed.  It’s his super power.  He wears glasses in order to not have to see everyone naked.  Sometimes he doesn’t wear glasses …

Susie’s eyes have the vision of Sir Isaac Newton – she simply understands life as color.  She even speaks in color.  She sings in French.

Matt’s eye color is uncertain because he wear shades due to an apothecary injury.   Happened ages ago.   Maybe he’s actually a vampire?  We’re still not sure.

What is known by the semi-not-quite-famous is that Tanya Winch and the hairy band of Merciful Dirty’s are an acoustic revelry of vocal Americana deliciousness. They are very clever with 4 parts of harmony, 3 parts woody guitars, 1 part mandolin and 1 part colorful, super-glued shaker-thingy. They play numerous luscious originals and oddles of spicy covers. Yep.

Tanya, Matt, Doug and Suz have played a few gigs together. Sometimes they play apart. It’s kind of like free love in the Dirty Mercy. The thing that matters most is that they still really like taking musical communion.

It doesn’t just look like they are having fun ~ they are having fun.