It’s been almost a year now since we lost our cherished, cynical, ridiculously smart and perfectly tart double bass player, Sanderson Poe.  He was a musician’s musician – a rebel through and through.  A man that knew his mind and was not afraid to say it.  cool Sando SaxonHe was also one of the sweetest, most dear people I have ever had the good fortune to work with.  Loyal and musically adventurous, he added spice to our Dirty Mercy.  He wanted the band to be called Rusty Tears.  Sanderson.  I still miss him badly.  I think of him so often and with much love.  We still haven’t added a new bass player to the mix.  I feel like we all think he’s on vacation .. but, he’s not.  Sure would love to hug him again.

Missing you, Sando Kalrizian!

May you have time to hug, connect, laugh with and make wonderful music with the people you love!!!

Cheers and all good to you!

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