Back in 2008, I decided I wanted a change. I was tired of my stuff and thought that if I re-arranged the furniture and hung new art, I would start moving in a new direction. I changed the direction of the couch and it was much more pleasing ~ it gave me a little boost. I cleaned out my bookcase and I felt a little lighter. I decided to focus on purple as my new color de décor. A bunch of new pillows and a couple of house plant pots and I was purple-ier. Now to find the art!

I looked. Everywhere. I went to all of the art sellers I new near my home. I looked up galleries in the phone book (unheard of! I did not have an iPhone at that time). I went to the East side, to the West side, way up North and down to Dripping Springs. I could NOT find purple art. I found one huge painting that looked like purple glops of dried pancake batter on a piece of construction paper, but that just did not move me.

I finally went back to the super high end gallery I had visited earlier in my search, knowing that I could neither afford nor did I want any of their non-purple art, but I figured that the sales people could give me a purple suggestion.

“Nobody paints in purple. It is not a desirable color scheme. It wouldn’t sell.” I was astounded. I was the only purple lover? What? What am I going to do?

“Make your own.”

I said “I don’t know how to paint. What do I do? Can you show me?”

He was ridiculously offended. “I am a purveyor of fine art not an art teacher. Go to Hobby Lobby and buy a canvas, paint and a brush. Then take a class.”

So I did… buy the canvas, paint and brush and had my lovely painter friend, Susie Pollard, show me how to use the brush.

Take a look at what happened on my ART page ….

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