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What is “Mile of Music” and why are you going?


As of August, 8th, my small, hometown, Appleton WI., will be hosting a  4 day music fest with over 100 artists/bands and more than 30 venues.  It is a HUGE undertaking and I am anticipating that it will create the same energy, band romances, and inspiration that the original SXSW did for me.  Yep.  I was there.  Waaaaay back when.  I was much cooler then … but nowhere near as good.  heh. 


that’s me waaaaay back when – Coconut Teaser, I think?

Back before anyone knew SouthXSouthWest, my band, Crazy Cat George, took a trip to Austin, TX to be a part of the new fangled SXSW expo.  We went because we all needed to get out of LA for a few days and because Jody had a connection to a house on a river in New Bramfels, TX and because I knew a guy that moved from LA to Austin and he was playing with his band The Sharecroppers. 

It was one of those accidental decisions that turned out to be life changing and really got our fires burning for the possibilities that were outside of our LA fishbowl and for other great music we had never heard of before.  In fact, it gave us inspiration and made us ready to make an impact. It’s where we met our most influential music industry contact.  It helped us get on our feet and record our 1st album.  It got us out and touring to support our album.  It gave us the courage to work with other bands and musicians to make everyone’s music take root.

Now-a-days, I can barely stand the crazy crowds at SXSW but I am entirely grateful for the fantastic festival.  For the opportunities it offers independent artists, music lovers, movie makers, techies and fun people worldwide.  It is worth the thousands of people that descend on the city of Austin and turn my little world upside down, for so many reasons, but mainly because music, singing, dancing and making rockin’ memories are the best things in my life.  I can’t wait to be a part of this new music festival in my hometown.  I think it’s awesome and takes great courage and huge cajones.  Cory Chisel is my new music hero.  I hope I get to see him when I’m home.  Shoot!  I hope he gets to see ME!!!

Doug Pegg mandolin

This is me now with my awesome boyfriend/mandolin player ~ Doug Pegg.

The area around Appleton, WI / the Fox Cities is gorgeous and full of fun, smart and WONDERFUL people.  I am confident that this will be the 1st of a long, fantastic series of summer music for Central Wisconsin. 

I’m ready for it.  Bring it on, Mile of Music!!!!



Purple is the color of my energy …


Back in 2008, I decided I wanted a change. I was tired of my stuff and thought that if I re-arranged the furniture and hung new art, I would start moving in a new direction. I changed the direction of the couch and it was much more pleasing ~ it gave me a little boost. I cleaned out my bookcase and I felt a little lighter. I decided to focus on purple as my new color de décor. A bunch of new pillows and a couple of house plant pots and I was purple-ier. Now to find the art!

I looked. Everywhere. I went to all of the art sellers I new near my home. I looked up galleries in the phone book (unheard of! I did not have an iPhone at that time). I went to the East side, to the West side, way up North and down to Dripping Springs. I could NOT find purple art. I found one huge painting that looked like purple glops of dried pancake batter on a piece of construction paper, but that just did not move me.

I finally went back to the super high end gallery I had visited earlier in my search, knowing that I could neither afford nor did I want any of their non-purple art, but I figured that the sales people could give me a purple suggestion.

“Nobody paints in purple. It is not a desirable color scheme. It wouldn’t sell.” I was astounded. I was the only purple lover? What? What am I going to do?

“Make your own.”

I said “I don’t know how to paint. What do I do? Can you show me?”

He was ridiculously offended. “I am a purveyor of fine art not an art teacher. Go to Hobby Lobby and buy a canvas, paint and a brush. Then take a class.”

So I did… buy the canvas, paint and brush and had my lovely painter friend, Susie Pollard, show me how to use the brush.

Take a look at what happened on my ART page ….

A new day, in the new year!


Every Saturday afternoon under the Live Oak in the luscious Opa garden

We’re back back to our best from 3-5pm on Saturdays at Opa, on South Lamar, in the 78704.

We’ve been working on a slew of new material and doing our dang’dest to keep the current material fresh and funky.

After falling asleep at 11:30pm on NYE,  I made a 2013 resolution to try to be fun this year.

I haven’t been called “Party in a can” fer no good reason!!!!  Saturday afternoons are gonna be bustin’ out!

Keep an eye on special guest stars …




Opa Sundays ~ every Sunday from 6-8pm


Hey All!

As usual, as always, as what it’s been for 5 years ….  I’m playing every Sunday night. 

At the Winching hour from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. 

It all began with me ‘n Matt Giles on West 6th and has gotten greasier and gone further South by the year. 

Now-a-days, you’ll find  Tanya & The Dirty Mercy on Sunday’s late afternoon at Opa! ~ 6-8pm

Singing the sun down under Opa Lights.  

Opa is located where Oltorff hits S. Lamar in South Austin.  Come see the big old Live Oak and sit under the Opa Lights. 

Check out our song Opa Lights from my new CD ~  Dirty Mercy ~ on iTunes!